Hats off to Rufus Roberts of Praesidium, for authoring a new paper that succinctly but comprehensively explains the risk dynamics of the cloud. It is beautifully and pithily written, and covers all the key points intelligently. I agree with every word too – so the benefit for me is that somebody has written what needed to be written, but more elegantly than I can ;) Rufus addressed the vital topics like: the economics that drive increased use of the cloud; the barriers to using the cloud for business assurance, revenue assurance and fraud management; and the legal and regulatory environment. The paper admits the seriousness of the problem of restricting personal data to only those who should have access to it. And, reflecting the fact that not taking a risk is often the best form of risk mitigation, they spare themselves the need to protect personal data by letting you download the paper without needing to register first. What a refreshing change! You can download the paper from here; I recommend you do.

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  1. Wendy says:

    That is a glowing review! Have to check it out.

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