Reading the website of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) I was stuck by the similarities with the website of the Global Revenue Assurance Blagger’s Association. Both issue standards (on how to collect Bigfoot evidence, on how to blag that you are an RA professional), both issue regular news updates with no genuine news in them, and both were created by someone who spends too much time developing websites instead of having a proper job. This got me thinking about all the similarities and differences between Bigfoot and GRAPA. Here is what I came up with…

  • One is a myth created by hoaxers and perpetuated by people with an overactive imagination… and the other is Bigfoot.
  • One is studied by a large number of professionals and scientists… and the other is GRAPA.
  • One is often featured in videos of very poor quality… and the other is Bigfoot.
  • One has a large and active following in North America… and the other is GRAPA.
  • One is banned from Wikipedia because it fails to meet the standards for an encyclopedia entry… and the other is Bigfoot.
  • One is supported by extensive research gathered in the field… and the other is GRAPA.
  • One is a hairy backwoodsman… and the other is owned and run by a hairy backwoodsman.

Apologies to any Bigfoot hunters who are reading this; I mean no disrespect to you and I hope you prove the rest of the world wrong. But if you see a thick-set and confused fellow wandering amongst the trees of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, then please do not take his picture. Any kind of attention will only encourage him. He is not Bigfoot, but a far more terrifying beast of legend, known as the ‘Papa Rob’. Feed him, if you must, but never accept the pieces of paper he will try to force on you. They may look pretty when hung on the wall, but you will be forever damned…

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One Response to “Comparing Bigfoot to GRAPA”

  1. Joseph Nderitu says:

    One has big feet, the other is Bigfoot. Sorry, I couldnt resist ;)

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