It is possible that Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, formerly an officer in India’s Internal Revenue Service, wants to explain information risks using some pretty odd metaphors. Possible. But not likely. Take a look at this video, and decide for yourself what he means when he says:

  • SIM card data can transfer itself to a mobile phone’s battery
  • You can recover conversations, after they happen, from the air
  • Rain might cause errors in the cloud

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3 Responses to “Information Risk Forecast: Raining Nonsense”

  1. Moinak Banerjee says:

    Do Americans know about their own achievements? I’m sure they would be mighty proud!

  2. Eric says:

    @ Moinak, they should be proud! The air voice recorder will revolutionize spying. But I’m not happy with a 3% chance I’ll be arrested every time it rains. Methinks that human rights lawyers will be very busy during monsoon season ;)

  3. Joseph Nderitu says:

    This guy should be writing sci-fi. He would make millions of dollars.

    I like the preamble:

    …In the following clip, he discusses how new technologies can enable curruption [sic]. He also discusses why Government should stay away from Cloud computing…

    Dude even has a reason why there are so many phone shops in US! And Google stores data in the sky where the clouds are seeded!

    To say that I am entertained is an understatement!

    Luckily we are warned that most Indians don’t pull facts out of their ass like this guy.

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