WeDo are very proud of how their Worldwide User Group (WWUG) draws customers to Portugal from around the world, but they also have a tradition of running an independent panel of speakers. WWUG 2013 built on that tradition with a panel discussion on “The Future of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management”. I was flattered when WeDo asked me to be its moderator, especially when the other panellists were confirmed. They were a high-powered bunch:

  • Pierre Blanchard is Vice President of Capgemini with responsibility for leading business development of their Global Telecoms and Media sector.
  • Romal Shetty is a KPMG partner and their Global Head of Revenue Assurance Services.
  • Mike Willett is Director of Enterprise Intelligence at Ernst & Young Australia. In addition, I am lucky to count Mike as a fellow talkRA blogger, and good friend.

Many thanks to WeDo and my fellow panellists for permitting me to share the recording of the debate with you. You can listen to this podcast via your browser, or you can download the mp3 file from here. And to spare yourself the worry that you might miss future talkRA podcasts, you can subscribe to it for free, via the iTunes store.

WWUG13 Panel Debate

From left: Mike Willett, Romal Shetty, Pierre Blanchard and Eric Priezkalns

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