In 2003, I was lucky enough to co-chair the Revenue Assurance stream at IIR’s Billing Systems conference. My fellow chair was Alex Leslie, founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association. During a coffee break, I started scribbling some notes for a presentation/paper. I never did write the paper (yet another item on the to do list!). However, it got the attention of one person; Alex was looking over my shoulder, trying to read my terrible handwriting. I doubt he succeeded in deciphering my scrawl. Fast forward to present times and Alex has been, metaphorically, looking over my shoulder again. The GBA has since merged with the TMF, but Alex’s latest venture is BillingViews, a site with news, interviews and articles about billing. He kindly dropped me a line and asked to republish my recent talkRA post: ‘Ten Tips for Starting Revenue Assurance‘. Of course I was happy for him to do so. Sharing is great when people give credit where credit is due. I only have a problem with those people who copy from everyone else but pretend it was all their own work (you know who I am talking about!) Keeping up with the latest billing trends is also important for revenue assurance people, which is why I will be copying from Alex too – with his permission, of course! Look in the right-hand column, and you will see a new syndication, of the news feed from BillingViews. RA people need to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the changes they will need to respond to. That is why I will be using the news from BillingViews to help keep me up to speed.

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