Do you know the phrase “so bad it’s good”? This advert from Papa Rob is so bad it transcends good and ends up being bad again. Have a listen and enjoy. Really, I encourage you to listen. Not many people have heard it and anyone who buys a training course on the basis of this performance is beyond help anyway. And if you are wondering why you never heard of ‘radio and podcast personality’ Eva Pristera, it is because she works in an architect’s office in Las Vegas. There is no evidence that she has ever done a podcast or been on the radio before. She scored hardly any hits on Google, zero hits on the iTunes store and listening to her performance… that scored zero as well. “A new revenue assurance course taking revenue assurance to the X-treme??? Wow!! But won’t that cause a stir in the c-c-con-ser-vat-ive world of revenue assurance?” Way to read your lines, girl!!

If Papa Rob now needs to get ‘interviews’ from random office clerks, does this mean that nobody in the revenue assurance industry will talk to him any more? Has even Moly “I was in KL when Rob and I decided to launch GRAPA” McMillan abandoned him? How could he abandon the man responsible for putting the ass into revenue assurance?

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2 Responses to “Putting the Ass into Revenue Assurance”

  1. Mike Willett says:

    Yes, certainly an interesting thing to listen to.

    By the way, are other talkra readers who are GRAPA members getting a lot of email from GRAPA of late? I’ve had 5 emails in the last 4 days promoting the training courses and certification.

  2. Lionel Griache says:

    Never been a big fan of negative publicity. talkRA is really at its best when staying away from it…

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