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The UK Revenue Assurance Group is meeting tomorrow, and there is a full agenda for those attending, including talks and workshops on:

  • how one international telco implemented its own in-house Decision Support System for RAFM;
  • the adaptation of assurance techniques to optimize network capex;
  • how to involve the RA team with new projects;
  • a case study on how Enterprise Risk Management contributes to assurance in one major British telco; and
  • a comparison of how to manage revenue risks in telecoms, financial services and retail.

And if that was not enough, the group will be celebrating 10 years of its regular triannual meeting! With cake!

The UK RAG gets is name because it holds its meetings in London, though anyone with a relevant professional interest is welcome to attend. International members of RAG may not be able to fly into London to help us blow out the candles on the birthday cake, but they can still take advantage of the exclusive content in the member’s only section of the RAG website. The latest addition is the audio recording of a presentation on how Tesco Mobile, an MVNO, manages its revenue assurance.

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Telstra Global, the international corporate arm of the leading Australian telco, and Subex, the Indian business assurance vendor, have received the 2014 business service innovation award from Global Telecoms Business magazine. The award was given in recognition of Telstra Global’s unified billing operations, which uses Subex’s ROC Partner Settlement solution.

According to Subex, the two businesses implemented a single platform to execute enterprise billing of multiple countries. The solution has unified billing and settlement processes across all Telstra Global’s countries of operation. Data was securely partitioned so that Telstra’s country offices can only see the data relevant to their region, whilst the global chief receives a complete overview.

The full list of GTB innovation award winners can be found here.

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The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has established a Revenue Assurance Department that will inspect customer sites in order to counter power thieves. These steps are being executed in parallel to the deployment of 300,000 smart meters.

Telecoms fraud managers will see some analogies between the crime suffered by ZESA and the way fraudsters attack telcos. On one side, there is tampering with equipment at the edge of the network. A ZESA spokesman claimed they had identified 4000 properties in Harare where prepaid meters had been bypassed, allowing customers to receive electricity for free. On the other side, some crime involves staff collusion. Zimbabwe’s Herald reports that:

…a cartel of Zesa employees was clandestinely cancelling mega-bills of electricity users still on the post-paid billing system in exchange for a few hundred US dollars. After cancelling the bills, they then install pre-paid meters without Zesa’s knowledge. For this, they are paid between US$300 and US$600 by electricity users who want their huge bills cancelled.

You can read more about this story at The Herald.

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Sky Brazil will use WeDo’s RAID software to assure the migration of customer tariff data to Sky’s new billing system. The price was not disclosed. Sky Brazil is reportedly the largest direct-to-home cable and satellite TV provider in Brazil, with 17 million viewers. You can find the press release here.

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Ethio Telecom, the monopoly telecom provider in Ethiopia, has purchased Subex’s ROC revenue assurance solution following a competitive tender. Subex will implement their software in partnership with Softpro International Limited of Mauritius. See Subex’s press release for more details.

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