The talkRA Mission

talkRA logotalkRA is dedicated to promoting the development of the practice of revenue assurance, fraud management, revenue management and business intelligence in telecommunications service providers and other industries. To do this, talkRA occupies a unique position in the field. It provides a platform for thought leaders, allowing them to communicate and exchange ideas without imposing any limitations based on employment or affiliations. Because good debate is drowned out if too many try to speak at once, talkRA is not an open forum. The number of authors is restricted, although commentary on author posts is open to all. Authors are invited to join based on their personal track record in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and freely sharing their insights with peers. We will regularly review the mix of opinions held by talkRA authors, and where necessary will seek to recruit new authors in order to represent a fair balance of the opinions held by the wider community of practitioners.

talkRA is not a decision-making body, and never will be. It does not issue standards or guidance. All opinions represented are those of the individual authors, as talkRA has no official opinion. Each author’s views are their own; not the view of their employers or clients. talkRA provides a common ground to help the authors, and the wider community, to define the debate for how the respective disciplines should be improved. Because talkRA has no aspiration to reach a settled and agreed position amongst its authors, it can be used to promote unconventional or unorthodox points of view. In lieu of academic rigour, it is hoped this heightened scrutiny, achieved through free expression of alternative opinions, will help other bodies to consider all options before reaching their own decisions.