Who Are We?

Matt and ErictalkRA is the brainchild of Eric Priezkalns and Matt Clark, its founders and editors. We call them ‘editors’, but the only editorial policy is to get out of the way and let the expert bloggers enjoy the freedom to write about what they know and connect with people who want to listen. This site offers a podium for a select group of dedicated enthusiasts who have something worth saying about revenue assurance, revenue management, business intelligence and fraud prevention in telecommunications and other industries. talkRA is the vehicle, the bloggers are the people who drive it.

The enthusiasts who blog on talkRA donate their words, time and insight for free. The goal of talkRA is to promote good debate. Volunteers are drawn from across the world. We have bloggers who work for telcos, software vendors and consultancies, for large businesses, small businesses and freelance.

All of the opinions expressed are those of the respective bloggers. They do not represent the views of their employers, nor the views of talkRA. Each blog is copyright of the individual blogger. The rest of the content on the site is copyright talkRA. We will take a dim view of anyone found copying chunks of material without the owner’s permission. The bloggers on talkRA are sharing their knowledge, not giving it away. For any would-be copiers and credit-stealers out there, we wrote a poem to express our feelings:

“We all try to be professionals,
And we’re hoping that you will too.
We all want to do our jobs better,
So we talk about what we do.
If you steal intellectual property,
Then we reserve the right to sue.
And even if we don’t go to court,
We’re guaranteed to ridicule.”

At present, talkRA’s website is owned and paid for by Revenue Protect Limited, Eric’s company. In future we would like to make the site self-financing so it can be owned and managed by a stand-alone entity controlled by the bloggers. Until that becomes practical, we will make our best efforts to support good governance by being transparent about the ownership and finances of talkRA. Information about the ownership and finances of talkRA will be presented on this page. At date of writing, talkRA has made no money. In addition to the free volunteering of a lot of time, the following costs have been incurred:

  • Hosted web server: nominal cost – uses spare capacity on Revenue Protect’s server
  • Google AdWords: allowance of <US$25, donated from Revenue Protect’s account